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    I'm a technologist that focuses on the digital transformation of enterprises and enjoys solving problems across business strategy, product development, data, and engineering. My specialty is healthcare and life sciences. Through Innovatively, I help power strategy at pharma and biotech companies while also getting settled into my new home in Seattle. Have an interesting project? Know someone in Seattle I should connect with? You can get in touch using the form below.

    Previously, I led the product team in Commercial Bank Innovation for Capital One. I have also spent time on the investing side of the table as a founding and managing partner at First Round Capital's Dorm Room Fund. I have also worked at the Partnership Fund and University City Science Center, focusing on healthcare and life science investing.

    Scroll down to see some of the companies I have worked with and projects I have built.

  • Projects

    Check out a few of my projects through the years

    Palm Clinical Weblog

    Palm Clinical WebLog was an app that allowed military medical students to augment the medical record and record their patient notes. Before wireless internet and smartphones, students would use this on rounds then sync it when they got to a computer. I built this as part of an internship with the Department of Defense and George Washington University.


    More info: Demo, Press, Research Article

    SmartThings Virtual Thermostat

    A big fan of the Internet of Things, I thought of a project that would both cut down on my electricity usage and optimize the temperature control in my apartment. I made an app that managed heating and cooling based on who was home and averaged multiple temperature sensors for a more accurate temperature reading.


    More info: SmartThingsCode (Groovy)

    CitiBikes Dashboard

    I got tired of chasing bikes and docks while trying to commute by CitiBike. I created a PHP page that is part of my Mac dashboard. A quick check before I head out and I know where to pick up and drop off a bike on my daily commute.


    More info: CitiBike, Code (PHP)

    Celera Genomics

    I spent a summer as an engineer at Celera Genomics (now Quest Diagnostics), working on several different projects. The most notable project was the web-based genome browser. A version of that is now available on SourceForge.

    Swinging for the fences

    My first taste of entrepreneurship was joining founding teams as the developer. I worked with some awesome, smart people, but like many other startups product-market fit was elusive. Livesphere now still lives on as PennLaunch and Chillaxn was issued a patent.

    Funding and disease burden

    I worked with David Teten of ffVC to shed light on healthcare funding. Our analysis shows that founders and researchers are spending energy on areas with limited impact on population health. Read the full article on peHUB.

  • Education

    6 degrees later, I still learn something new every day


    PhD, Biomedical Engineering

    MPhil, Biomedical Engineering


    MS in Medicine

    MS in Mechanical Engineering

    • Studied lots of math and mechanics while getting some serious exposure to clinical medicine
    • Funded by NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Med Into Grad Fellowship


    BS in Bioengineering

    BS in Finance

    • Learned about this thing called entrepreneurship and a few other things along the way
    • Funded by Penn Trustee Scholarship
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